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Whose Holidays?

Mysteries of Osiris, Day 3
First Sunday of Advent

I realize that’s a strange combination of events there above, but I’m nothing if not an able syncretist.  I love the idea of advent–the sense of waiting, of anticipation, the feeling of hope as we sit in darkness, waiting for the return of light.  I know I’m not the only pagan to co-opt the celebration of advent; Waverly Fitzgerald speaks extensively about ways to celebrate at her excellent School of the Seasons site.  Some of us are awaiting the son, others the sun; it’s worthy of celebration, either way.

ETA: This site has another pagan take on celebrating advent. They began their work last Sunday, rather than today.


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Searching for Mystery

Mysteries of Osiris, Day 2

Determining when, precisely, to celebrate the various festivals provides equal parts fun and frustration to those who practice Egyptian or Isian ways.  Calendars have survived from antiquity, of course, but dates tended to move around, since the beginning of the liturgical year was predicated on the date of the heliacal rising of the star Sirius.  In ancient times, it was likely somewhere in the middle of July; now, at least for those of us in this hemisphere, it’s in August.  The fixed Alexandrian calendar sets the date of Wep Ronpet, the Egyptian New Year, at the end of August.  Different practitioners choose different dates, but the festival practices remain the same.

I’m working from the Kemetic Orthodox calendar for most of my Egyptian festival dates, and that puts us at day two of the Osirian mysteries.  You can learn more about them here.  It’s a solemn observance at a solemn time, a dark time, of the year; and yet it ends in joy.  The myth of Isis and Osiris is an inspiring one, a tale of love that began before birth and could not be conquered even in death.  And at this time of mourning for the slain lord, I wish you all knowledge of love that is eternal, and comfort in your times of darkness and sorrow.

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