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I took another Beliefnet quiz (which you can find here), this one titled “What’s Your Spiritual Type?”  I actually quite agree with the result of this one, even though I was questioning some of my responses as I took it; these things tend to use terms that, while generic, tend to relate more efficiently to mainstream traditions, so I spend a lot of time mentally translating into terms that are relevant to my trad(s) while adhering to what I perceive was the overall meaning or context of the question.  Clear as mud, right?  But I must have done something right, because the result seems wholly accurate:

You scored 54, on a scale of 25 to 100. Here’s how to interpret your score:

25 – 29 Hardcore Skeptic — but interested or you wouldn’t be here!

30 – 39 Spiritual Dabbler — Open to spiritual matters but far from impressed

40 – 49 Active Spiritual Seeker — Spiritual but turned off by organized religion

50 – 59 Spiritual Straddler — One foot in traditional religion, one foot in free-form spirituality

60 – 69 Old-fashioned Seeker — Happy with my religion but searching for the right expression of it

70 – 79 Questioning Believer — You have doubts about the particulars but not the Big Stuff

80 – 89 Confident Believer — You have little doubt you’ve found the right path

90 – 100 Candidate for Clergy


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