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They are celebrated differently, by the different traditions that I hold, but in all cases the turn of the season is a cause for celebration.  It’s the time of warming and greening; and whoever coined the phrase “hope springs eternal” must surely have spoken it around this time of year.  It was a long, dreary, difficult and damaging winter.  I hope, and pray, that we have turned a corner in truth.

Oddly, one of the first visible signs of spring’s return around here is when the cross appears in a certain farmer’s field along the main road into my small town.  They planted daffodils in the shape of a large cross, and that greenery is one of the first noticeable signs of the season.  I’ve gotten used to looking for it, and always feel a sense of relief and anticipation when I finally see it emerge.  (The irony of pagan me being so happy to see a Christian symbol is certainly not lost on me!)


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