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Tempus Fugit

So, since I last posted here, I’ve become the new co-organizer for a local meetup and resumed my FOI studies with the Crossroads Lyceum.  The summer has passed and hints of fall’s arrival are visible all around, in the little touches of color appearing on certain trees as if a careless hand had splashed bits of paint in random patterns.  It’s a touch cooler overall, though this summer was surprisingly not as wretched as most of them have been over the past few years.  And now it’s September and we’re in the homestretch toward Pagan Pride Day (for which I am again ritual co-leader and the day’s announcer/DJ) and the autumnal holidays of Mabon (autumn equinox) and Samhain (Halloween).  I’ve even seen the first pumpkins sitting on people’s porches.  It’s my favorite time of year coming up: the season of harvest, the season of the witch, and I’ve loved it best of all for as long as I can remember.  Even as the year winds down, some things are looking up.  It’s a good time.


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